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C L O C K S O F E U R O P E - E-twinning between Italy and Slovenia

The Tower of Bissari in Vicenza

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School year 2007-2008

The Tower of Bissari

The campanile from the 12th century is 82 metres high and hosts the first mechanical clock for public use.  The base is only 7 meters wide.  It was bought by Bissari in 1226, the belfry was opened in 1311, and the top was added in 1444.  At the bottom in a large niched flanked by two columns is a stone carving of the Madonna on the throne, with Saint Vincent and Saint Stephen (1596).  A passageway under the Baslica leads to the courtyard of Palazzo Podestarile.  The tower can be seen from nearly anywhere around Vicenza and similar to the famous tower of Pisa is slightly leaning.  In 1347 it was nearly toppled by a violent earthquake, but it has managed to survive.  Among the unexpected events that affected the tower over the years was also the 1692 fire that destroyed its upper part, which was later restored in 1730.

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